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At More Than Mediocre we provide counselling for youth and families in a warm and welcoming environment.  Our experienced counsellors are skilled in the use of a range of appropriate and innovative methods and techniques to help young people to express their feelings, come to terms with change, grieve a loss, heal from trauma, resolve conflict, build confidence and resilience or work through feelings of anger, fear or injustice.  

Our youth are too important to entrust with just anyone, that's why we take particular care to ensure that young people feel supported in building a trust relationship with their counsellor, ensuring they feel free and safe to express their feelings in their own way - and we get outstanding results.

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Family and Youth Counselling Berwick

Charity Crandall - Specialist Counsellor

A fully qualified and experienced counsellor, Charity brings knowledge
not only from her therapeutic practice and studies but also from earlier professions and extensive travel and life experiences.

She creates a warm and engaging environment for young people and families in which each person feels valued and supported.  She is effective working 1:1 with youth as well as with family members.  Charity utilises a range of talking and activity based therapies to draw out emotions and assist youth to explore and manage their feelings and learn coping strategies.   Charity has a solid understanding of the multiple and complex needs faced by today's youth and is highly effective and experienced in working with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, transitional changes, conflict and family disharmony, the effects of separation and divorce, grief and loss, abandonment issues, trauma and family violence.

Charity uses a strength based and solution focused approach to support  young people to understand themselves better, express what they are feeling, build awareness of their strengths and abilities and engage with others appropriately.

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Charity Crandall

Counsellor Berwick
Individuals, Relationships, Families and Youth Counselling  Berwick

Tracey-Leigh Davey
Counsellor  Berwick
Individuals, Relationships, Families and Youth Counselling  Berwick

Tracey-Leigh Davey - Professional Counsellor & Business Owner

With over 15 years experience in counselling and the community
sector, Tracey-Leigh
combines a wisdom acquired through both
her own life experience and through professional practice.  Her personal touch is in all aspects of the business as she provides
a supportive environment for staff and clients.  She has a solid understanding of families and relationships, including divorce and separation, step families, child development and parenting.  She identifies issues quickly and assists youth to explore their beliefs and perceptions, resolve confusion and pain, adjust to life changes and resolve conflict or communication problems. 

Utilising a range of talk and activity based therapies including Thought Field Therapy, Tracey-Leigh is able to effectively provide relief from symptoms of anxiety, grief, abuse and trauma and facilitate recovery, acceptance and self awareness leading to new choices and new ways of being and coping.   

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  Young people are so full of hopes and dreams, and yet life doesn't always turn out the way that they - or their parents - might have hoped.    No matter what you or your young person is going through, our counsellors are equipped to provide the support they need to get through those transitional or permanent life changes that inevitably occur.   

Parents can often find it hard to ask for help, somehow feeling as though  they "should" have all the answers.  But that isn't how it works.  The truth is, its impossible for parents to know how to deal with everything that comes up.  Let's face it, most adults struggle just to find answers for themelves!


At More Than Mediocre, we truly respect and support parents who seek assistance for and on behalf of  their children - as such,  (in spite of youth counselling being a more specialised field of counselling)           

 We do something that most Professionals Don't -:

We offer a REDUCED FEE for Youth Counselling 

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More Than Mediocre - Youth Counselling Berwick

Dealing with all youth issues including :-

Divorce &  Separation           Family Conflict              Step parents & siblings

Low self esteem         Anxiety and Stress          Social Media        Peer Pressure & Bullying

 Isolation                 Conflict Resolution              Depression           Drugs & Alcohol

Abuse              Trauma              Abandonment            Grief                 Eating Disorders

Phone (03) 9707 3009 

or  (M) 0401 624 855

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